Start with the fundamentals before purchasing a toy. Investigate what works for you without passing judgment. Do you prefer genital, clitoral, prostate, or nipple play, or do you prefer anal, clitoral, prostate, or nipple play? Maybe a combination of these turns you on the most. There is no right or wrong response, and everyone’s path to arousal is unique.

It’s fine if you’re new to exploring your body and haven’t yet worked out what makes you orgasm for the books. It’s all about you, and you’ve earned the right to spend time getting to know your preferences. Begin by exploring every inch of yourself with your hands. When you’re ready, put your relationship with vibrations to the test with a tried-and-true method: an electric toothbrush (not the bristly end, obvs). Test it on various parts of the body to see what works best for you. Experiment with different positions and angles – this fantastic article from Women’s Health has some great tips about how to discover your body. If you have a detachable shower head, experiment with it to see what feels best. There’s no wrong way to enjoy self-satisfaction, and these two harmless things you’re likely to have on hand are the perfect starter tools for getting frisky with a vibrator.


Knowing where you want those vibrations to go isn’t the only consideration you can make. When it comes to finding the correct toy, size is crucial. If you like girth in your partners and strap-ons, you’ll want a thicker vibrator. If you’re more interested in customised G-spot, clitoral, or prostate stimulation, however, a smaller device can help you find the ideal orgasm. And if you’re all about stimulation from the outside, you’ll be perfect with something small enough to fit in your palm.

The media makes a big deal about bigger being better, but this isn’t always true. Without thinking about what you’re “supposed to” like, go as small or as large as you like. You make your own decisions. After all, when you’re having the greatest orgasms of your life, who has time to think about being judged?


The materials are the only advantage dildos have over vibrators: glass, stone, wood, you name it. We’ll probably get sexy with it if it can be made smooth and body-safe. Vibrators, on the other hand, are confined to whatever space is available to house those wonderful motors that keep us going.

Silicone, metal, and hard plastics are ideal for this. Although jelly toys are popular, they must be handled with caution. They also leach phthalates, a dangerous chemical that can kill your hormones – not exactly the kind of thing you want in your most intimate areas, right?

Consider not only what feels good, but also where you want to get naughty when selecting a material. If bath time is your favourite time to touch yourself, choose a toy that is waterproof and fully submersible so you can have fun in all of your favourite areas.

Textures and feelings

Smooth wands and penis replicas are no longer available in the future, boy. Our toys have been distinctly space age in the second decade of the twenty-first century. The silkiness of a sleek, metallic vibe is the greatest joy for others. For some, whorls, bumps, and ridges add to the appeal of each inch.

Another texture to consider for vibrators with rolling parts is the beads under the outer layer. Metallic beads are the toughest and most rigid, whereas plastic beads are more flexible.

Clitoral stimulation provides you with even more fodder for thought. The more moving parts up front on a rabbit vibrator with a clit tickler, the more intense and broad the sensation. One with two rabbit ears would sound vastly different than one with rabbit ears and paws, as this one does.

Choose carefully, since some people find ridges and beads like these to be not only unpleasant, but also painful. If you’re thinking of adding these features to your new toy, go into a sex shop and try on vibrators in person to see if they’re right for you.

Are you picking up on positive energy?

I’ve saved the most important component of a vibrator for last. After all, “vibrator” is impossible to spell without (most of) the word “vibrate.” You are no longer limited to one or two modes, and most toys allow you to monitor both the volume and the patterns. Some toys also sync to your favorite music or can be customized with an app.

Looking under the hood of a vibrator is a good way to get a sense of its power if you’re shopping online. Is it a small, USB-rechargeable gem that hums along with only a few AAA batteries, shines with some Cs, or is it a hidden gem that hums along with only a few AAA batteries?

Since a slower motor isn’t always a negative thing, don’t dismiss those AAA battery vibrators just yet. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need one with a motor so powerful it could power a speedboat, and you’ll save money in the process.

Whatever you want, there is no such thing as a completely silent vibe. All of them can make some noise, but higher-end toys are usually much quieter – necessary for a shy player. If your walls are paper thin or you’re in a place where you don’t want to be heard, choose a toy with a weaker motor or a more expensive (read: quieter) toy so you can play in sweet, sweet silence interrupted only by your sighs.

Set of prices

Vibrators, like every other accessory you use to brighten up your life, come in a variety of styles. The cheapest vibrator on the list is just $15, but if you want to feel like Beyonce in the sack, you can always spring for Lelo’s iconic gold vibrator for just $15,000. Don’t be concerned. Since the majority of us have a much smaller budget, I’ve kept the prices of all the vibrators on the list far below the cost of a year’s rent.

If you’re short on cash but still want a new toy, consider selling some pants to help finance your vibrator purchase. Including the target in your pantyhose-selling bio would just help you sell more.

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