A sex toy tester is a person who tests sex toys.

You do just as it says on the tin: you test and review sex toys. A review of the toy in exchange for the toy itself (free sex toy for a review) or a review of the toy in exchange for a one-time payment will happen in one of two ways. It’s usually the first choice, and since these toys can be very costly, it’s usually a great deal!

Why would you want to work as a sex toy tester in the first place?
There are a variety of reasons why people enjoy sex toy research, ranging from a way to earn extra money (or have some pleasure-filled nights) during COVID lockdowns to a genuine desire to learn more about the sex toy industry.

Now I work at Sofia Gray as a sex toy reviewer, and I’ve worked on toys like the Satisfyer Penguin, the Lovense Lush2, and the Kiiroo Pearl2. When I first started writing for sex magazines, my intention was to write frank and relatable content about sex, covering everything from communication to fantasies to erotica and beyond.

For me, reviewing sex toys was an added bonus to writing about sex. I leaped at the opportunity to review sex toys here at Sofia Gray because it seemed like a logical next move. Learning about all the different brands, the roles of various toys, and the technology that has gone into years and years of building up the teledildonics industry has been a lot of fun. It’s interesting (and it means I get to have a lot of incredible orgasms).

What are the steps to being a sex toy tester?

There are a few ways to get into this line of work (I use the word loosely because it is certainly the line of work that many of us would like to do).

  • Make contact with toy sex toy companies on your own.
  • Look for “testers wanted” advertisements on the internet.
  • Make a name for yourself as a sex writer/blogger and pitch businesses.
  • Allow emails/DMs for product research and brand yourself as a sex writer/blogger.

What types of toys do sex toy testers and reviewers get to try?

Although dildos and vibrators can come to mind first, there are a variety of other sex toys to consider, ranging from cock rings and masturbation sleeves for men to bondage rope and double-ended dildos. There’s a whole world of toys out there, and several businesses are looking for customer feedback on how the toys operate!